Check Status of Rebate

Heat Pump, Cooling/Heating System


  • Improvements shall require a licensed contractor in order to participant in rebate program. See additional program requirements for details.
  • GVEC does not assume liability for work completed by any contractor.
  • Must be a GVEC member.
  • Items receiving a rebate shall be served by GVEC.
  • Please allow 8 weeks after receipt of all documents to receive rebate credit.
  • All rebates will be payable to GVEC members only.
  • Rebates less than $1,501 will be applied as a credit to your GVEC energy bill. Rebates greater than $1,500 will be mailed to the mailing address as submitted on the online application.
  • GVEC reserves the right to verify all projects in order to meet minimum program guidelines and requirements.
  • Additional supporting documents may be required, see additional program requirements for details.
  • Government funded improvements do not qualify for GVEC Rebates.
  • GVEC reserves the right to make changes to the program without notice.


  • Improvement shall require a licensed contractor.
  • Auxiliary heating shall be controlled through an outdoor temperature sensor and set at the system’s balance point, preventing unnecessary operation of auxiliary heating.
  • Outdoor thermostat setting set above 35° will require a balance point diagram.
  • Air distribution system (supply, return, plenum, and cabinet closet) shall be sealed or repaired according to manufacturer’s recommended installation practices and current code requirements.
  • System shall be a NEW matching system certified by AHRI. Both condensing unit and air handler/ evaporator coil shall be replaced.
  • Applicable to new or existing homes.
  • Manual J 8th Edition load calculation to be completed showing the sensible load and total BTU gain at Design conditions of: 75° Indoor, 63° Wet Bulb, 97° Outdoor. Equipment sensible not to exceed 15% of the calculated sensible load.
  • Manufacturer’s installation practices and procedures should be followed
  • State and local codes should be followed.


  • Manual J 8th Edition Load Calculation showing sensible and total BTU gain at Design conditions of: 75° Indoor, 63° Wet Bulb, 97° Outdoor
  • Balance Point Diagram (if Required)
  • Signed Invoice showing work completed. No estimates accepted.
  • AHRI Certificate


SEER = 16 - $550 per unit

SEER >= 17 - $650 per unit

I have read and understand the qualifications and requirements of the program. I further understand that program participation will require the use of a licensed contractor for all rebates.